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Last updated - Oct 2019

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Nov 2019


Hebrides page

A unique landscape type


Nov 2019

Cuillin mountains - tectonic shifts

Silly things

More unique landscape types


Nov 2019

Sand colour chart

Sand page

Reposted and updated after a year's absence


Sept 2019

"The Far West" exhibition, Oxford

Home page

St Peter and St Paul Church, Botley
28th September - 22nd November 2019


Aug 2019

"East of Illiswilgig, West of Hanjague" exhibition, Oxford

Isles of Scilly

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
3rd August - 13th September 2019


Jan 2019

Stages in creating a Fortran image


Uses the same format as photo galleries


Oct 2018

Galleries of photos and photo sets - this links to Cornwall

Home page

Several galleries added - Cornwall is only one of several


Sept 2018

"Seascapes from Western coasts and islands" exhibition

Nowhere but from here now!

Churchill Hospital, Oxford
22nd September - 14th December 2018


July 2018

Isles of Scilly seascapes

Isles of Scilly



April 2020

Testing book

Nowehere but from here

Work in progress


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