The photos shown here have all been taken near Cumnor since the 'lockdown' started.

I'm lucky enough to have (so far) kept safe, and to live in a place where I could get out daily for exercise on foot or by bike, and that I just take photos as I see them with no wasting time setting up tripods or waiting for the light.

It was also lucky that the weather has in general been wonderful.
And when blue, the sky hasn't been filled with contrails.

Many photos are not ones I would normally exhibit, and some are just not my style, but I hope they'll lift your spirits in one way or another. I've been adding to these, and have continued although many people think 'it's all over'.
I hope it will be soon.

None of the images are specifically for sale, but if you would like a higher quality digital version of any to print yourself, do email me (gordon at gordonstokes dot co dot uk) and I'll send you a jpg. I don't want payment, but you could always donate to a charity such as a foodbank, hospital or other health related charity. Or if you are short of money you could give an act of kindness to someone, or your community.

They won't be high enough quality for a large print, but fine for postcard size.

(Last updated 29th June)